Wednesday, September 30, 2015

September Round Up

My September

Despite the month flying by it seems like Labor Day was ages ago.  I threw a party out at my yacht club which was a blast.  Then on Labor Day the club threw a party with a live band and everything.  I got to race in another club race, this one we received a DNF (did not finish), there was absolutely no wind once we got slightly offshore.  That night I acutally got stuck on the island due to rain, but ended up having an amazing time, someone had his guitar out there and we saw the best sunset of the summer.

Aside from sailing related stuff I took a day trip up to Vermont for a wine and liquor tasting festival.  It was gorgeous up there even though the leaves haven't turned yet.  I may go back on Columbus Day weekend, the foliage is awesome then, especially seeing it from the top of a mountain.

I received my very first Owl Crate.  Unfortunately the book this month was Dumplin' which I already received a copy of (signed to boot!) so I guess that means I'll have to do a giveaway for it at some point soon.  The other goodies from the box were pretty awesome though.  Here's the unboxing photos

In clockwise order I received a dauntless tote bag, a Daenerys Targaryen funko pop keychain (of which I removed the keychain part), an arrow necklace, a meowbox coupon that has a drawing of Hermione and Crookshanks on it, a Hermione print, and Dumplin' by Julie Murphy

Daenerys Targaryen has joined Thor on my computer (for now, we'll see how easily they fall) and Hermione's picture is currently on my wall.  

One of these days I'll have to do a photo-tour of my work desk.  I'm pretty proud of the geekiness of it.  Or I can let little things can surprise you guys in my pictures.  Can you find Harry Potter on my desk?  He makes an appearance in two photos!

I've also been busy with my ballroom showcase I did at the end of the month.  It was fun and went well, minus my slightly sprained ankle.  I go through years of dancing with heels and multiple run-throughs the day of the showcase, and I roll my ankle halfway through the actual performance.  Go me!  Fortunately it's not that bad and I was able to complete the routine, without obvious errors (nobody even noticed that my ankle rolled except my partner who thought I had just stumbled).

September's Artsy Stuff

Despite how busy I've been I did get some craft time in.  

My butterfly wing nails 
This design I found on Pintrest

 My Doctor Who nails, I did them to celebrate the start of the new season.  There's a TARDIS on my thumb if you look closely (it was difficult to get it in the shot)
This design is my own, but is inspired by galaxy nail art and dalek nail art.

I made this watch, and I'm totally obsessed with it.  I think I'm going to do another one in a similar style soonish.

I don't think this bracelet is done, it's definitely missing something, it's so plain and boring right now.  I'm thinking about adding small blue beads in between each ship wheel, but I'm not sold on if that'll do what I'm going for with this.

I made these earrings for fall, I want to do another pair in bronze, since I have bronze leaves as well.  I just need to make a necklace to go with them now :)

September Blog News

The summer giveaway was a success, there were four winners, and miraculously all of their top pics were different, so everyone got the set they wanted!  Congrats Dani, Lauren, Kimberly, and Tara!

As I said above I'll most likely do another US-only giveaway for Dumplin' (the actual released book, not the ARC).   I also wanted to do an international one for Winter or Immortal Heights, I'm not sure which.  I may postpone the international giveaway until early next year.  We'll see how crazy life is going to get for me.  I'm currently in the calm before the storm work-wise.

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