Monday, August 31, 2015

August Round Up

My August

This month was crazy for me.  My workload was insane for my job, and 100% had to get done before I left for my trip.  

The trip was fantastic though.  We drove from Connecticut up to Maine where we had an awesome dinner.  
Lobster, Corn, Steamers then Blueberry Pie a la mode
Then we headed north to to Beaupris, Quebec where we saw lots of waterfalls and ate poutine.  Real poutine, not the fries that they pass off as poutine in America.

BBQ Pork Poutine and Duck Confit Poutine

Chutes Montmorency                Canyon Sainte Anne 

Quebec City is one of my favorite cities in the world, it's so cute!  We went to a Huron museum on their reservation, which was really cool, I wrote my French thesis on them and their interactions with the Jesuit missionaries.  

The Huron's Welcome Dance

We then headed to Montreal, the biodome was so awesome, and the botanical gardens were cool too.  


Botanical Gardens

I even got to see where the Canadiens play!  Go Habs!

Then we headed back to the US into New York to see my alma mater and go on the beverage trail (plus an extra vineyard and brewery) in the neighboring towns.  And we stopped at my favorite ice cream place.  

Pretty much the only other thing I did in August was "see" Shaggy at the outdoor concert series where I work.  The place was mobbed, so my friends and I went out for drinks then stayed outside of the sectioned off streets to hear him, but we did see his back when we made our way behind the stage.  And of course we heard Wasn't Me, so it was a great night!

August's Artsy Stuff

I really didn't do too much artsy stuff this month, I barely had time to do anything really.  

 My only nail art this month (as I'm typing this I don't even have polish on my nails, so weird) it was a cool abstract flower design.

Before I left for my trip I made sure my cat's paw print was painted correctly.  The colors match her coat and the green matches her eyes.  This is the back of the print, the front is just white with the impression.

I also made this bracelet.  I need to get back into jewelry making, I miss it.

The one other thing I did was finish my brother's wedding present, but I don't want to post it here before he gets it.  So that will be posted hopefully in September.

August's Blog News

The giveaway has officially started!  There will be four winners, each getting a set of 3 books.  More information is in the giveaway post.

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