Sunday, August 9, 2015

Short Story Sunday [8]

Enjoy the Moment
by Jack McDevitt


This was such a great story.  It's about a physicist who wants her name to go down in history, she gives up on dark matter energy for that dream and instead just wants to have a comet named after her.  It's a lesson on be careful what you wish for, she gets something much more than a comet with her name attached to it.  I loved this story, and I loved the pre apocalypse idea.  It's all about the discovery that the end is coming, but there's nothing about when the end happens.  Such a fantastic idea for a story!

I give this a 9/10, only because I wish it were longer! It didn't completely and utterly wow me, but I did love the story a lot and I kind of want to get the apocalypse triptych...

I first hear this story on Escape Pod, it was narrated by Sara Tolbert who did a fantastic job.  Go have a listen!

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