Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish that allows bloggers to share their top ten lists for that week’s topics

Top Ten Favorite Top Ten Topics We've Ever Done in the Past 5 Years

10. Book Quotes
This is such a cool topic, there are some quotes that get posted all over the place because they're so great ("I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly then all at once" or "all who wander are not lost").  But there are so many other amazing quotes from books that tend to get overshadowed.

9. Favorite Kick-Ass Heroines
I love me a good heroine (Aerin from The Hero and the Crown is the first kick-ass heroine that comes to mind) and there's so many to choose from now! Yay modern literature!

8. Books I'd Want on a Deserted Island
This category is pretty awesome, not only do you have to think of a great story that you love, but one that will stand up to multiple re-reads without getting old

7. Authors who Deserve Recognition
There are so many amazing authors out there that are totally underrated, this is a great TTT to give them some recognition

6. Books I was "forced" to Read
There's many a book that I was forced to read in school.  Surprisingly most I loved, some I hated (cough-Heminway-and-Hawthorn-cough).  One (Brave New World by Aldous Huxley) I hated when forced to read it in high school, yet a year later when it appeared on the assignment sheet to read fora college class I forced myself to read it again (mostly because it was my crush's favorite book and he was shocked I didn't like it) and I found that I loved it.  It's always interesting to see what books you find that you love after they're thrust upon you.

5. Most Unique  Books I've Read
I love this TTT, so many books follow the same overarching plot: dystopian society where a young girl fights to overcome the system, girl finds herself stuck with one guy when she truly loves another and has to fight to be able to be with the one she wants, etc.  A unique book is more rare to come by but when you find one it's usually awesome

4. Books I Read Before I was a Blogger
This is pretty much your favorite books from your childhood through your college years, at least that's the range for people my age, the younger bloggers it's pretty much childhood.  Either way it's fun to see what amazing books stuck with you all through the years.

3. Romances in Books
Romances in books is one of the reasons why I love reading so much.  Not even the steamy stuff, just the love stuff.  PG romance, love pure and simple.  It's fantastic, the great loves withstand time, just look at Elizabeth and Darcy.  Their love is so great there are countless adaptations of it and it never, ever gets old.

2. Favorite Covers
That old adage "don't judge a book by it's cover" is crock.  I picked out Watership Down based purely on it's cover and it's my favorite book.  I read Cinder based on its cover and I love that series.  Covers are very important.  True, some great series can shine through their awful covers (Vampire Academy and Bloodlines, I'm looking at you), but typically if the cover isn't great the potential reader probably won't pick up the book.  Some cover artists even go all out with reading the book and tying in themes of the book into the cover, making the cover an extension of the book.  And sometimes they try do to that and fail miserably.

1. Fictional Crushes
This is my absolute favorite category.  I was trying to think of my top ten crushes, and really only came up with four (I could convince myself to go to 6, but I really prefer Etienne and Josh with Anna and Isla respectively).  I also realized that I love minor characters, not the main ones everyone should be in love with.  Dimitri? Psht, Christian is sooo much better. (Vampire Academy).  Haakan? Yeah, he's pretty awesome, but Thorliff, yeah, that's who I crush on (shh, I know it started when he was 5, he grew up to be totally hot and awesome). (Red River to the North, etc.)  


  1. I can be pretty picky when it comes to romance in books so I liked doing that one.

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  3. I should have done the book quotes one. I also liked the romance one as well.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Great list! I loved all the ones you listed.

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