Saturday, October 31, 2015

October Round Up

My October

Another month that has been crazy for me.  I really wish this trend would stop.  I didn't do too much this month.  Construction started on my house, so that's been awful.  It's supposed to be done before the end of the year.  I think the contractor is going for before Christmas.  We'll see.  I got pretty sick early in the month, and that paired with construction workers at my house forced me to go into work every day except for one when I finally decided it was too risky for me to be operating a car and I stayed holed up in my bedroom (one of the few rooms that isn't having work done - at least not until December).  

I did get to go up to Cape Cod to visit my brother and sister-in-law for their birthdays.  It was so gorgeous out there, we had lots of hikes with the puppies.

I received my second OwlCrate.  This month I got a book that was on my TBR list, but I didn't own, so that was awesome!  I'm going to start reading it once I'm done with my current book.

October's Artsy Stuff

I was able to get some artsy stuff done this month.

I made this for my boyfriend for our one year anniversary.  I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out.

I started a hockey watch.  I need to do some more work on it, I was waiting for charms I had ordered to come in.  But it's made with an actual hockey skate lace.  I made a bracelet too that matches, but is also unfinished.

I also made these snitch earrings.  I was pretty hesitant on them at first, but I think I like them.  I think I would like to open an online store, maybe through this blog, to sell them on.  Would any of you be interested in them?  Or other book-related items?

I made this for part of my Halloween costume.  They're elf ear cuffs.  I want to try to make another pair to see if they come out any better.

A testament to how blegh this month has been, I only did my nails once, for the hockey season opener.  My left hand was the Ranger and my right hand the Canadiens.  The numbers are my favorite players (Zuccarello (36), Brassard (16), Stepan (21) and Lundqvist (30) for the Rangers, Eller (81), Pacioretty (67), Subban (76), and Price (31) for the Habs) The logos I did free hand, and damn the Canadiens logo is difficult to do, it looks so deceiving while the Rangers was the exact opposite.

October Blog News

Nothing really to report.  I did a lot of scheduled posts this month, so I ended up not missing any Short Story Sundays (whoo hoo!) or missing any days when I felt like death.  So I'm going to try to keep up with that.  Have reviews and other stuff set up for at least a week in advance so if something happens I don't fall crazy behind.

As I mentioned earlier, I've been toying with the idea of selling my jewelry, I looked into Etsy and their business model sucks, so I want to do a poll to see how many of you would actually be interested in buying stuff from me, if I should put in the effort to have a shop within my blog.  Let me know your thoughts in the comments, or just vote a simple yes or no in the poll here.  The link to vote is also in the side bar on the left.

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