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Setting up a shop via my blog will take some work and research in figuring out the logistics of it, so I don't want to just do it becuase I want to.  I want to make sure that enough people would be receptive to it.  If most of you say yes, I'll try my best to have it up in time for Christmas (I would love to be able to for Hanukkah, but it's early this year) with some cool options.

By doing it myself I can keep the prices lower (for example my snitch earrings would be around $5.00) and I would be able to ship internationally.  

I also tend to make a lot of custom stuff for myself or my friends, so I would be totally willing to do special orders for stuff, they'd take me longer to do so I would need enough leeway after the order in order to get it to you on time.

All that being said, let me know your thoughts in the polls below.  Feel free to leave comments with suggestions or whatever

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