Friday, July 31, 2015

July Round Up

Hi All, this is my first non-bookish post.  I think I'm going to be doing one at the end of each month with stuff I've been doing, books I've read, nail art I've done, crafts I've completed etc. As well as any blog news for the upcoming month.

My July

For me July was a pretty relaxing month.  Lots of reading, lots of sunshine and water.  This spring I bought a boat and was able to take her out for the first time.  I also participated in my yacht club's first 6-mile race for the season and ending crewing on the boat that placed first.  I'm hoping I continue to crew for him and we win the series!

I was back in the city on June 28th to go see Hedwig and the Angry Inch starring Darren Criss with one of my best friends.  We happened to have bought tickets for the show after the Pride Week Parade, so the show had this fantastic energy.  Lots of rainbow flags flying, Darren even took someone's from the audience and was waving it around during the finale.  After the show we stage door'd and was able to meet the entire cast, it was pretty awesome!

The Fourth I spent with family, friends, and the boyfriend at the yacht club to watch my city's fireworks.  We had gorgeous weather, and that moon, wow!  It was amazing.  My boyfriend and I made a trifle for desert for everyone, well, more like my boyfriend gave me the ingredients and I made the trifle for everyone.  It came out pretty good if I do say so myself.

I have three blueberry bushes in the yard, and they just burst with blueberries at the beginning of the month.  Luckily I netted them in time so the birds didn't have a chance to get them!


The town where I work has a summer concert series, so I went to see Andy Grammer last night.  He's completely amazing live!

Other than that my July has pretty much been hanging out at the island and reading.  It really doesn't get any better than when you combine the two and hang out on the island on a gorgeous day with a bottle of beer (or glass of wine) and an awesome book!

This month my reading sort of halted, due to two factors, M.D. Lachlan's books, while I love them, take me a little longer to read.  The other factor was a friend of mine gave me his manuscript to read.  I read it fairly quickly, but it was a pretty dense book and it took me a week (I apparently finished it the quickest out of everyone that he gave it to).  I don't want to say too much about it, but he's starting his second revision this fall, and I'm hoping that at some point in the near-ish future I'll be able to tell you all when its release date is...but first he needs to finish it and find a publisher...  I was only able to finish 6 (7 if you count my friend's) books, City Love by Susane Colasanti (7/2), Lord of Slaughter by M.D. Lachlan (7/4), The Thing About Jellyfish by Ali Benjamin (7/5), Hello, Goodbye, and Everything in Between by Jennifer E. Smith (7/7), Stone Rider by David Hofmeyr (7/26), and Valkarie's Song by M.D. Lachlan (7/28).  I'm hoping to make some serious headway in my pile of books in August, but that all depends on how quickly I can get though Dinosaur Lords, which I totally started the day I got it :)

July's Artsy Stuff

I do a lot of nail art, it's kind my thing.  Every time I go into my ballroom studio the instructors and the girls at the front desk make sure they see what crazy design I have that week.  so here's my nail round up for the month.

 My Fourth of July nails.  
These were my own design :)

Underwater scene.  
I'd been dying to try ombre nails, and finally did.  
These are also my own design 

Cat nails
This design I found on Pintrest.
The thing I'm holding was a gift from a friend when she got back from vacation.  I love it!

Lobster nails
Every year my yacht club does a huge clambake (aka the Lobster Holocaust) this year we cooked about 250 lobsters for it.  I'm part of the fire crew, so it's an all day event for me, and a blast!  I had to do my nails for the occasion :)
This design I found on Pintrest

Blog News

This month I did a massive overhaul and organized my books (for the most part) So I have a nice big stack of books for a give away, so stay tuned for that. I'm planning to do it in August, then probably another later in the fall and possibly one in the winter.

I've been seriously slacking on my Short Story Sundays, so for August I'm hoping to get back into them, and plan a bit better so when I wake up Sunday morning I don't go "crap! I don't have time to read a story and write a review".  Here's to planning ahead and drafting things before the day I post them so I can just click a button when I get up and not fall behind schedule.

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